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Serving the Needs of Southwestern PA

People Have Trusted Philip V. McCalister, Esq., for More Than 30 Years

When you need an attorney serving the needs of Southwestern PA contact Philip V. McCalister, Esq. Attorney Philip V. McCalister, Esq., has reliably represented clients in a court of law for more than 30 years. Whether you are dealing with a criminal or civil matter, the Philip V. McCalister Law Office can handle all of your legal needs. He has decades of experience in family law, small business law, personal injury law, criminal law, and more. Philip V. McCalister, Esq., offers a personalized approach to trusts, criminal charges, and family law issues.
He helps his clients put an end to the fear and uncertainty they have lived with for too long. Schedule your consultation with Attorney McCalister today by calling (724) 339-8318.

Serving the Legal Needs of Westmoreland County, PA, Residents

As a full-service law firm, the Philip V. McCalister, Esq., Law Office handles a variety of cases. Our attorney handles both criminal and civil law, as well as probate and family matters. Whenever you need the help of an attorney, contact the Philip V. McCalister Law Office.

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Wills, Estates
& Trusts

Personal Injury

Small Business



Defending Your Constitutional Rights

One of the great things about living in the United States is that every single person has the same constitutional rights. The Philip V. McCalister Law Office takes pride in representing our clients to the fullest extent of the law. Attorney McCalister practices in various legal aspects, including family law, divorces, custody, criminal law, and DUI charges. Our services also extend to probate matters, wills, estate planning, employment discrimination, wrongful discharge, and financial relief. Respected by both the court and his peers, you can trust that nothing will stand in his way as he fights for you.

Contact Philip V. McCalister, Esq., of New Kensington, PA, when you need an attorney serving the needs of Southwestern PA.

Trust Our Collaborative Practice to Settle Without Litigation

Collaborative practice is a voluntary dispute resolution process in which parties settle without resorting to litigation. During this process, both parties use good faith to settle their disagreement. Both must disclose all relevant information and take part in negotiations.
The benefit of collaborative practice is the access to specialists and coaches to help provide insight into various topics. This practice helps reach the best shared solution.